Kitsune Illusions is a joint effort between two adept and complimentary artists, who achieve masterpieces neither could create alone by combining their skills.

Kyokkou, our Anatomical Aestheticist, has been refining her skills with realism for over a decade, and has specialized in costumes for the past seven years. She has pushed the realm of realism to new heights with her shaping and textures, and continues to push herself ever closer to her ideal of perfection. Kyousuke, our Biomimetics Engineer, has over a decade of experience with many aspects of high-tech electronics, including testing, development, programming, and maintenance. Both have a vested interest in creating the next generation of realistic costumes, and have the skills necessary to make this a reality.

Each illusion we craft is made specifically with your needs in mind. Custom casts & patterns to fit you best are standard, as our utmost goal is to make your creature look & move as realistically as possible. Our favorite way to work is being given a loose concept and allowing our inner fire to guide the illusion. Don't have a defined creature character? No problem! We will gladly design one to suit your tastes. Some concepts need more than just the average build methods to really come to life. Our biomimetic engineer can put some power into your creature, and take the illusion of reality to the next level!


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